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Discover the nature of Limburg

Come explore the challenging Long Distance Hikes in our National Park (= National Park Trail) as well as the Maasvallei!

In the vicinity of the B&B Haerlekijn you have a huge range of natural beauty.
You can discover it by bike, by mountain bike or while hiking with your family or friends.


An impressive rain river, the Maas forms the Belgian-Dutch border from Maastricht to Kessenich for 40 kilometers. The River Park has a varied landscape with a tangle of old river arms, banks, stream channels, gravel banks and large Maas lakes, followed by some well-defined residential areas. The authentic "Maasvallei" and fertile fields characterize this region. You will also regularly find Galloway cattle and Konik horses grazing the banks. 

National Park Hoge Kempen

Hoge Kempen National Park, nature in all its glory! The National Park in the Belgian province of Limburg, is a unique nature reserve where more than 12500 Ha of forest and heathland are managed and protected. Everyone is welcome to relax endlessly: walking, cycling or just carefree enjoyment of all this beauty. 9 gateways help you on your way:

De Mechelse Heide

The Mechelse Heide is the gateway par excellence to explore on foot.


From mid-August to mid-September, the flowering heather transforms this landscape into a purple painting. Unlike the other gates, there is no visitors' reception here. Nature speaks for itself!


Let Connecterra surprise you with a special piece of nature in Flanders. Where 26 years ago the coal mine of Eisden was still running at full speed, now the rarest butterflies flutter.


You can enjoy a surprising landscape of 'mountains and lakes' and high peaks with spectacular panoramas. Tough climb on the 'Terrils'!

Lieteberg with 'The Barefoot Trail'

Lieteberg is the gateway to the MICROKOSMOS.


A visit to the underground insect center "Entomopolis" is not to be missed. Besides tickling insects and fluttering butterflies, you can also walk barefoot. A special sensation.

Pietersheim with petting zoo and premium hike

Delve into the past on the former princely estate of Pietersheim (76 ha!) with the 12th-century moated castle as an eye-catcher.  


In the visitors' center, you will learn all about the glorious history of the estate. Little ones can have fun at the children's farm with playground. 2 top walks (12 km) with the Premium label!

Kattevennen Genk with Cosmodrome and mini-golf

Kattevennen is the gateway to MACROKOSMOS with the Cosmodrome as its most prominent landmark. Besides stargazing, you can also hike, bike, mountain bike, horseback ride, play miniature golf and romp on the playground here.

Thor park Genk

Mijnsteenbergen (Terrils) amidst heath and pine forests, a stream valley and land dunes! A hiking area of 10 km² on the former site of the Waterschei Coal Mine, near the soccer grounds of KRC- Genk!

Station As

Are you not a stepper but a trapper? Station As is the ideal starting point for a bike ride in and around the National Park! But even here the mining past is not far away: the 31-meter high watchtower is a replica of the derrick with which André Dumont discovered the first coal in Limburg in 1901 at As.


Thanks to 200 km of marked trails, you can enjoy and relax endlessly in Duinengordel. Hiking, cycling, horseback riding or mountain biking? Duinengordel is a place where you experience top nature adventure! Added to the National Park since 2020!


The Kempen-Broek reveals a true mosaic of landscapes. You will find marshes, stream valleys, fens, forests, heathland, hay meadows, pastures, fields and large-scale agricultural areas. In short, something for everyone with water as the central theme. You can explore the Kempen-Broek in countless ways. You can not only walk here but also bike, mountain bike, horseback ride and horseriding. 


Limburgs Landschap vzw manages more than 2500 ha of nature. And we want that number to increase every year. In our nature reserves we protect, manage and restore Limburg's natural and cultural-historical heritage for our future!

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